Your Creative Vision

Your Creative Vision

You’ve seen “About Us” pages on plenty of websites. (There’s one here, too)

This is about you

You have a vision. There’s a book in you. How would it feel to answer the question “How can you say that?” by replying…

You’re the expert. Isn’t it time to own it?

  • That thing you do.
  • That discovery that you made.
  • That cause you’re passionate about.
  • That insight you had – it changes everything.

Nobody else did this. You did. This is unique to you, your experience, your insight, and your vision.

But somehow, the work’s not getting done.

  • Worried you won’t finish your book? (Or can’t even start?)
  • Maybe you already wrote a book or two, and this time you’re just not feeling it?

Maybe you ask yourself things like:

  • Do I have a book, or is it really only just bits and pieces?
  • How can I organize all my ideas and drafts into one cohesive, compelling whole?

(And maybe sometimes) Is my writing even good enough?

This is about you

Meanwhile, this idea won’t leave you alone

Meanwhile, this idea won’t leave you alone

You know now’s the time to get it done.

The authors I work with know their reasons for writing.

When your book represents you accurately and fully, it becomes an integral part of your entire professional life, opening doors, enhancing your credibility, and communicating your position.

  • If your book brings you the growth you seek, do you care if it’s a best-seller?
  • If your book gains the global attention for your cause that it deserves, does its sales ranking matter?

I didn’t think so.

  • What does your audience need to learn from you?
  • How can your message be of service?

Are you ready to show the world where you stand?

I’m Anne Carley and I work closely with people like you to help draft, complete, and polish their breakthrough book and other written work.

My message to you is simple: You bring the expertise and desire. I’ll guide you through the process, and work with you closely to make your book shine.

How it works

  • One to one coaching sessions, scheduled to make the most sense for your project and timeline.
  • Regular check-ins.
  • Ongoing support and email access.
  • New work habits. Coaching responds to your needs and helps you to reframe the way you see and to overcome your inner obstacles. These changes can last a lifetime.
  • (Optionally) skilled line editing, in keeping with your voice and your intentions.


  • Your book, completed, polished, and ready to represent you in the world
  • A higher profile
  • A bigger platform
  • More expansive career choices
  • A stronger public persona
  • The powerful sense of accomplishment that completion brings
  • Expert status
  • New confidence in your abilities and expertise

Okay, but…

Maybe you think you aren’t far enough along with your writing project to warrant working with a coach. The truth is starting with coaching early in the process can be unbelievably helpful and can streamline the entire writing process.

You may wonder if you’ll be able to manage your time properly to get the most out of the services I offer. My clients often comment on how helpful coaching is in keeping them on track and motivated to continue even when life gets unusually busy.

You may think working with a creative coach is a luxury, not a necessity. But if getting your project done, on schedule, and the best it can be is a priority for you, working with me makes it all possible.

You may believe that you can write your book without any outside help. That’s possible, but perhaps not likely. And when it’s written, will it be your best work? So often we try to do it all, thinking, “How hard can it be?” We buy DIY courses and books and programs.

Are you okay with things staying the way they’ve been? Or do you want a plan?

Will you benefit from collaborating with a coach? Will your momentum grow once you have a witness to your creative process? Can you develop as a writer while you also complete that project you envision?

You may be feeling hopeful, ambitious, and perhaps a little anxious. Can you really follow through on a project this big?

Working with me, you’ll get the guidance you need, from someone who knows all the steps you’ll need to take (and which ones that you won’t need at all). You’ll have an expert at your side – someone who listens to you and reads your words with care, tuning in to the deeper message you’re eager to share.

Will your creative work benefit from coaching with me? Opt for a Welcome Call with me, at no charge, so we can talk it over.

You know your stuff – and you may not know all the ins and outs of how to write and complete a book or other creative project. That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you find the time to make steady progress on a schedule that’s realistic and doable. We’ll meet up regularly to answer your questions and keep you engaged and committed to your creative work. Over time, you’ll get everything done.

I love to see the real connections made between writers and their readers. I know that when people feel they have the support of an experienced guide, they allow themselves to do their best work.

Join me. Together we’ll finish your writing project and polish your manuscript so you can tell your story to the world. We’ll bring your creative vision to life.


You can do this

Trust yourself, your message, and the people you work with.
I love to see writers get the help they need to be their best.
I love to see the real connections made between writers and their readers.
You’ll be confident taking a stance, being bold, because you’ll know how to express your message for your audience.
My clients go the distance. They finish what they start. Know that this is doable.



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