Anne Carley is an editor with an almost indescribable gift, but that won’t keep me from trying. She helps with flow, word choice, sentence structure, and all the elements of refinement in a client’s writing that one expects from a good editor. But the magic happens with Anne’s ability to stand with her client’s heartfelt story and connect with that vision at a deep level, while simultaneously imagining how to invite future readers to engage with it as well. Jeanne Schlesinger
I couldn’t have done it without your help, Anne. Your meticulous editing improved my writing and your excellent advice showed me how best to get my message across appropriately. You patiently took me one step at a time from beginning to a finished product. Thank you so much. —Chester P. Yuan

I highly recommend Anne Carley. Her patience and expertise were invaluable in keeping me on track and over the finish line with my book – at a time when my work life and personal life were full of ups and downs and lots of drama. Anne could think ahead for me and helped reorganize some of the material with an eye toward what might make sense for the reader. Her network of additional resources meant we didn’t lose time as we worked on the final draft, a cover, and a myriad of other issues related to getting the project done and out into the world. I learned a lot from Anne, and would do it all over again! —Stephanie A. Kennan, author, The Family Caregiver  
I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without Anne. I was way too close to my material, and didn’t know what I knew and didn’t know. Anne helped me unpack all that. She gently led me toward my finished product, and offered many useful suggestions along the way, without making me feel incompetent. She really was amazing at asking all the right questions and making all the right comments. Even with my neurodiversity, Anne trusted me, and I her.—Elizabeth Cottone PhD, author, Dyslexia: A Universe of Possibilities

Thank you, Anne. Without you this project would have died on the vine. Your expertise, experience, and standards were what made the difference between a lot of doodling and an actual book. Your involvement allowed me to be the writer. As a result of this experience I am emboldened to pursue the next project with a renewed vigor I can thank you for. —David Brents


Anne Carley was the perfect choice of a professional to assist me with my book project, Our Ancestors: Early Settlers in America. After an initial strategy session she had a clear understanding of my goals, and I was reassured that she was highly qualified and organized. She provided sound advice and kind assistance that resulted in an excellent book. I couldn’t be more pleased and I highly recommend Anne Carley. —Mary Ellen Davis Williams

I have found Anne’s coaching to be truly supportive. Her enthusiasm and warmth have been especially welcome when I am hardest on myself. I value not only her feedback on my writing and her editorial help, but over and over she has helped me understand how things I am already doing and various creative outputs in other directions can be repurposed and/or reframed to help build my writer’s platform.—Roger Tolle

When I wrote my book, I knew I wanted to grow the audience for my ideas as well as for my international expert coaching and consulting business. Anne Carley helped me focus on the readers I wanted to reach, and encouraged me to include the rich details – like vignettes, sights and smells, and cultural context. Now that I’m receiving feedback from readers, I can see how effective Anne’s coaching has been, giving my book the impact that I intended.—Bruce R. Dorey, author, LIFT: The Nature and Craft of Expert Coaching

Anne Carley was an excellent coach who helped me unpack my reading, writing, and research into an entire presentation for a conference. If you need help in getting from “A to B” as a writer, researcher, or for your personal passion project, Anne is not only exceptionally skilled at helping clients go from inception to a final, finished product; but she is also highly efficient and charmingly personable to work with along the way! She particularly helped me in the “ideas stages” when my divergent thinking propensities needed someone to hone in on the essential questions. I would highly recommend Anne Carley without exception in a heartbeat. She will extend to your work all the respect, and professional, straight ahead, no-nonsense advice that it deserves. Anne will get you where you need to go, and she does it with the utmost of care, concern, and a supportive smile. —Frances F., PhD student, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

Anne is one of those special people who can hear the unspoken things we say when we’re exploring our career, project, or personal journeys. She is able to reflect back to me wisdom I didn’t know I had, along with hard-earned but gently-delivered wisdom of her own. —CE Cameron

I was beyond satisfied with our work together. It was just the lift and help I needed to stay focused on content and execution. —Anna Blum, PMHCNS-BC

In one brief consultation, Anne shifted my perspective on self-publishing, helping me to understand it as a valuable tool for advocacy and outreach. She began by asking me a deceptively simple, exceptionally useful question: What do you want to do with this book?Christina Wulf, author, Hear All The Bells

Anne Carley has provided the wisdom, experience, and roadmap to move a manuscript into published book form. I am sincerely grateful and in awe of her kind guidance and phenomenal expertise and know that she is a quiet jewel in this arena. —Leigh B. Grossman, MD, author, The Parent’s Survival Guide to Daycare Infections

You keep me accountable when there are other demands on my time. —CV

If you’re an aspiring or published author with a manuscript languishing on the back burner, like I was, Anne Carley is your go-to. She will light a fire under you and come up with realistic deadlines and a workflow that is organized and doable. She knows how to “chunk” a project down into pieces that make it work and help you overcome procrastination. Once you get rolling, your progress will be palpable and you’ll discover you really do have time to get it all done. Anne is also a fast, skilled editor with a brilliant grasp of all things publishing and will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed. I can’t recommend her enough! —Bobbie Jo Lieberman, author, Sassy Salad Secrets: Supercharge Your Diet & Recapture Your Health by Unlocking the Power of Living Foods

Just looked at your suggestions – YES! It’s just what I needed! Perfect! Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… —JW

Anne M Carley is the unsung hero of this project. She has become a trusted coach, ally to the cause, and right hand to the book in every regard. Her assistance to me as a client has been immeasurable. Thank you, Anne! —Zack Bonnie, author, Dead, Insane, or in Jail: A CEDU Memoir and Dead, Insane, or in Jail: Overwritten

I would describe Anne as a compassionate, understanding, able, unassuming yet highly intelligent lady who is also an excellent teacher. Anne Carley took me from a place of frustration and despair to where I wanted to be. Now that I am there I can rest assured, knowing that I can always call Anne to help me with future problems as they arise. —Christine Ballard, author, Records to the Rescue! • An Organizer for Your Essential Information

Thanks for being my rock! —BL

Her advice doesn’t seem like the typical “do this, do that,” advice because Anne’s approach is subtle and full of insight. I sense her deep respect both for where I am–now–and where I have the potential to be, and that allows me to “be here now” but also to dream big. —CE Cameron

Thank you, Anne. I am amazed how quickly you can turn this around. Meeting you online and receiving your guidance has been great!  I so appreciate your help. —RB

Now I believe in angels!  I AM SO EXCITED!  —CB

You provide Quality Assurance for my content….I would have never caught these errors or style nuances. Thank you Anne. —CV

Heartfelt thanks to a terrific editor and planner!! —Bobbie Jo Lieberman

I have to thank Anne for her dedication to editing and taking me to task to fill in the gaps so that uninitiated readers can keep up. —Zack Bonnie

First of all, I absolutely love what you have done, and can’t believe how beautifully you have made it all come together. There is no way on earth I could have done this myself. —CB

I am having more fun and looking forward to the finished products. —RB

You make me feel I am better than I believe I am. —DL

Anne gave me the wise support I didn’t know I needed. She’s more than an editor. She really heard me, and read between the lines, to guide me to completing the book I really wanted to write. She has become a trusted colleague I can rely on for insight and solid advice. Bottom line? It’s OK to get help.Because I invested in coaching, not only did I finish and publish my book, I improved my writing. My book is a lot better because I worked with Anne. — Anonymous happy client

Many, many thanks for the careful reading, the line edits and all the notes. I appreciate the time and diplomacy this work requires. —ML

I clearly see your role during this critical period of Platform Building. There is so much to consider in terms of timing, and we know your support will be invaluable to a successful launch. Can’t wait to continue! —BL

Anne Carley rocks!! … excellent services, delivered with insight, clarity, and encouragement.  —BH

Anne hears order and sees solutions in a jumble of ideas and half-thoughts–which is always how my most important meanderings emerge. —CEC

I am feeling comforted by your support, rather than being overwhelmed.  —RB