Next Steps

On Your Own

Where are you with your creative project? 

One place to begin is to pick up a copy of FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers.

As its title suggests, I wrote this handbook for writers to open and use any time they want a creative boost, breath of fresh air, or change in perspective.

An elegantly organized guidebook for writers, which belongs on a shelf with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Part toolbox, part emergency first-aid kit, this is essential reading for writers and anyone else engaged in the creative process.
– Amazon reviewer

A wonderful reference book for writers, not about what to write but how to get it on the paper. It helps you explore how writing can be better and easier. – Amazon reviewer

Love, love, LOVED this book. It’s a great coach to have hanging around your writing desk, especially when the muses are playing hide and seek. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt stuck in the writing. – Goodreads reviewer

FLOAT shows a sensitivity to the challenges confronted by writers, especially the constant flux between isolation and connectedness, pursuing what is in many ways a solitary occupation. – Amazon reviewer

Looking for some personal support with your project? Can’t find the time you need to write? Need help #becomingunstuck? Here’s how we get acquainted and discover the next steps.

I recognize that your project – and you – are unlike all others. So our entire process is built to honor that reality. I use a three-step sequence designed to uncover and serve each client’s needs.

FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

Let’s Talk

Step 1: Welcome Call

We’ll get on the phone or Zoom for a free Welcome Call to chat, discuss where you are now, and where you want to go with your writing. During your Welcome Call we can discover a next step you can take, alone or with me. Let’s face it – creatives need to support one another!

Step 2: Initial Strategy Session

After our Welcome Call, you may choose to dig in deeper together, with an Initial Strategy Session. There, you’ll receive laser-focused guidance – and probably an “a-ha!” or two – about the next steps for your writing project, and tools you can use along the way.

Before we speak (for a full sixty minutes), I’ll study your answers to the Creative Brief, and my notes from our Welcome Call. You’ll also share with me a sample chapter and your outline (if you have them), for my review. This way, both of us are up to speed before we start talking. Together we’ll form a plan to move your writing project forward. One Initial Strategy Session may be all you need to revive your project!

Whether you’re considering the 90 Day Express, Creative Coaching, or another program we co-create just for you – book your Initial Strategy Session first.

$225 US

Step 3: What’s Next?

Did you get what you needed for now, after our Initial Strategy Session? Great! Or are you ready for more? In that case, what will it be – 90 Day Express or Creative Coaching? Scroll down for more info.

Note: The choices you see below are representative examples of the services I offer. Sometimes, however, we end up creating a program specific to the client’s needs and situation. So after reviewing these examples, consider whether some other combination of services will be the right fit for you. We’ll talk – and together we’ll figure out what works.

Anne smiles at office table

90 Day Express

With focus, you can accomplish a lot in only three months. Complete a first draft. Power through the partially complete project you’ve been ignoring. Or use the 90 Day Express to brainstorm and prepare a presentation with the potential to change your professional life.

Optionally, you may also engage me for line editing services, coordinated with our 90-day schedule.

You bring the specific purpose, and together we make it happen in 90 days!


Creative Coaching

Does Creative Coaching sound like the next step? If you decide on Creative Coaching, we can move into an ongoing coaching relationship. You’re in charge.

Schedule sessions at regular intervals, or only when you feel the need.

Optionally, we can combine coaching with my line editing services, working closely with you to support your voice in your words.


Optional Editing Service

I offer my coaching clients an optional line editing service.

Do you feel the need of a skilled line editor? Ask me about my Editing Service.


Every Person Is Unique

Everyone brings a unique situation to the table.
So, for example, one writer had been conducting research for years. We began coaching when it was time to start drafting Chapter One.
Another person began coaching because they were excited about a totally new creative idea that we developed together.
A third client already had a full first draft, and was in need of coaching and editing to complete and polish their manuscript.
Those are widely different scenarios. After our in-depth initial conversations, those three clients worked effectively with me.
Explore your options.



To begin, set up your Welcome Call