FLOAT Support

#BecomingUnstuck with FLOAT

Expand the usefulness of your copy of the FLOAT book and FLOAT cards with these free resources.

FLOAT Preview • An overview of the book, with listening guide

FLOAT Preview [PDF download]

Tour the FLOAT Approach [Audio]

FLOAT Toolkit • Quizzes, how-to’s, and a matrix of all the tools

FLOAT Toolkit [PDF download]

Guided Process for using FLOAT • Set aside 15 minutes – a half hour if you have it – and keep this recording handy. Close your eyes, check in with yourself, and walk through the five steps of the FLOAT approach. Pause the recording whenever you need some time.

Guided Process for FLOAT [Audio]

Guide to the FLOAT Cards for Writers • Ways to use the cards alone, in groups, and in workshops and classrooms

FLOAT Cards Guide [PDF download]

How to Become Unstuck as a Writer • Thuy Pham of Freshly Baked Brand interviews Anne Carley about writing, coaching, and the FLOAT Approach.