Q – What is this creative coaching? Do I have to go to the gym?

Coaching means many things to many people. With Anne Carley Creative, the emphasis is on helping you make steady progress. When you’re clear about the next steps, and you know someone has your back, it feels more do-able.

Wisdom meets practicality here. So if going to the gym clears your head and gets you ready to work on your creative projects, then yes, head on over there! Learn more about our coaching approach here.

Q – My work is unusual. Special. Unique. How will you know what to do with it?

Each person’s work is unique. I listen, and encourage you to dig deep so that your voice and your meaning are clear. We aim to burnish, not diminish, distort, or homogenize.

The result is a more accessible, possibly more tightly organized, more energetic version of your unique work.

Q – I’m protective about my work in progress. Are you going to show it to anyone else?

Absolutely not. I honor the importance of confidentiality to creative work. Especially while it’s still being made, our creative work deserves to be protected and held close. No one else sees your work unless you specifically authorize it.

Q – What if I don’t like what happens with the coaching process?

That’s not likely, because in our Welcome Call and Initial Strategy Session, we clarify what we’ll do in our working relationship, so you have a clear sense of what to expect, based on your intentions, your needs, and your timeframe.

During our work together, the lines of communication are open. Rest assured you can cancel at any point. If you become dissatisfied with our services, you can stop, and receive all your materials, and my ongoing commitment to confidentiality.

Q – I worked a long time on this project. Are you going to mess with it?

If we work together on your writing, l’ll probably recommend some changes. It’s what I do for my clients. The idea is to get your project finished, and polished, the best it can be. On the other hand, my creative coaching services cover a lot more than the words in a document. Think about where in the process you’ve gotten slowed down or stuck. Together we can work toward #becomingunstuck. And I may never even see your manuscript, because we’ll be focusing on other aspects of your creative life.

Q – I haven’t really started organizing my writings yet. All I have is ideas, and a lot of notes. Can you help me get going?

Absolutely. Creativity coaching and editing services can provide just what you need: a safe place to pull it all together and regain the inspiration that started this process. Here’s what we offer. Take a look!

Q – How hard is this to do?

It’s a mix of hard work and great satisfaction. Here’s what some of my clients have said about the process (read more here):

  • “You make me feel I am better than I believe I am.”
  • “You keep me accountable when there are other demands on my time.”
  • “You provide Quality Assurance for my content.”
  • “I am feeling comforted by your support, rather than being overwhelmed.”
  • “I can’t believe how beautifully you have made it all come together.”
  • “Many, many thanks for the careful reading, the line edits and all the notes. I appreciate the time and diplomacy this work requires.”
  • “You have inspired me to keep working on it until it is right. It will be better having discussed it with you, and I very much thank you for that.”
  • “Thanks for being my rock!”

Q – What about my copyright? I’m not giving anything up, am I?

Your copyright in your work remains yours. You’re not giving anything up. I honor your rights in your work, and I keep your work private.

Q – Sounds good. I want to get started. What’s the next step?

Book a free Welcome Call to get acquainted and discuss your project. If we want to go forward, our next step is an Initial Strategy Session. If that feels like a great beginning, we’ll work together to define the steps after that. (Also, if you’re not receiving it already, I recommend subscribing to my ACC Now newsletter).