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After our Welcome Call and Initial Strategy Session, you’ll have a sense of how you want us to work together in the way that serves you best. Here, you can pick from two kinds of personalized coaching: On this page, get the details about the ways you can apply a 90 Day Express program to your needs. Or maybe Creative Coaching is a better fit.

Along with coaching, clients often integrate my Line Editing services.

Keep reading here for details about the two kinds of coaching – plus editing services.

90 Day Express

After our Welcome Call and Initial Strategy Session, book the time you need to work together with me. You bring the specific purpose, and together we make it happen in the space of one calendar quarter.

You’re looking for positive change. You want to get your energy going so that your project moves forward with momentum. Over three months, we can make that happen. Whether you’re beginning your project, completing it, or working through the ‘messy middle,’ you’ll find that a 90 Day Express coaching program will produce results. Get six one-on-one phone or Zoom coaching sessions (that’s two each month for three months) plus homework, check-ins, and support via email.

Anne Carley helped me unpack my reading, writing, and research into an entire presentation for a conference. Anne is not only exceptionally skilled at helping clients go from inception to a final, finished product; but she is also highly efficient and charmingly personable to work with along the way! She particularly helped me in the “ideas stages” when my divergent thinking propensities needed someone to hone in on the essential questions. —Frances F., PhD student, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

I was beyond satisfied with our work together. It was just the lift and help I needed to stay focused on content and execution. —Anna Blum, PMHCNS-BC

Make the time for your writing. Know when to take a break and when to return with refreshed attention. Work through the stuck places that get in the way of your writing progress. Receive the coaching and feedback you need for your writing or indie-publishing project.

Here’s what’s included with the 90 Day Express:

  • Six one-on-one phone or Zoom coaching sessions (two each month). Talk over where you are, what’s next, where you’re stuck, what’s exciting, what’s boring, what’s making slow progress, what’s working, and what’s not (and how to get it working).
  • Customized assignments to complete between coaching sessions.
  • Check-ins between sessions for follow-up, continuity, accountability, and Q&A.
  • Additional email support for your comments and questions.
  • Personalized recommendations and resources.

$1,700 US (or 3 payments of $625)  A reading fee may apply.

Pay securely with a credit card.

Learn how my Creative Coaching and Line Editing services can support you.

Creative Coaching

Where are you with your writing project? Need coaching?

After our Welcome Call and Initial Strategy Session, is Creative Coaching the right next step for you?

Coaching takes place in the space between you and me. During our time together, we let the rest of the world pause, and we devote our shared energy to you and your creative work. What happens in that space can be powerful. This work is not therapy, and I am not a therapist. Coaching supports your process with focused attention, pertinent questions, and practical ideas.

What do we talk about?

Some areas that often arise include:

  • Making the time in your day and week to follow through on projects that are important, not urgent.
  • Changing habits that no longer serve.
  • Discerning which resistant inner voices are worthy of attention (and which ones aren’t even yours – and can be let go).
  • Realigning your creative purpose when life happens; making necessary course corrections while maintaining momentum.
  • Planning and queuing up projects.
  • Selecting tools and methods of working that support you and your life.
  • Celebrating your successes – all of them.

I like to say that, as my coaching client, you’re not accountable to me. Instead, I’m at your side as a witness, supporting you to be accountable to your creative self.

What’s in it for you?

  • In the shared space between us, it’s possible for me to sense what you’re capable of – sometimes before you feel free to do so yourself.
  • Knowing that someone is paying attention – and cares about your work – creates a safer space where you can experiment and explore.
  • When you engage in coaching, you’re able to follow through on your intentions and to draw on your powerful creative energies.
  • The practices and techniques you develop during coaching will stay with you and become part of your creative toolkit.

What happens?

  • In one-to-one sessions (usually via Zoom or telephone), we turn your experience around, from struggle to insight to action (and even joy).
  • During our ongoing coaching relationship, I’ll send you weekly check-in emails, reminding you that your creative life matters and is worthy of support.
  • I provide email support so you can ask questions, float ideas, and share news when you like.

Commit to meeting at regular intervals. Or set up coaching sessions when you feel the need. Our online scheduler puts the process in your hands. Make coaching work for you.


With Creative Coaching, we:

  • Identify your strengths. (Have you observed that we can’t always see what we’re good at?)
  • Notice your stuckness, challenges, or fears.
  • Refine or rework your plans.
  • Resolve what needs resolution.

So that you:

  • Grow the confidence to go to your deeper creative zone.
  • Regain your focus.
  • Get back to work, refreshed.

I have found Anne’s coaching to be truly supportive. Her enthusiasm and warmth have been especially welcome when I am hardest on myself. I value not only her feedback on my writing and her editorial help, but over and over she has helped me understand how things I am already doing and various creative outputs in other directions can be repurposed and/or reframed to help build my writer’s platform. —Roger Tolle

You make me feel I am better than I believe I am. —DL

Anne Carley hears order and sees solutions in a jumble of ideas and half-thoughts — which is always how my most important meanderings emerge. She is able to reflect back to me wisdom I didn’t know I had, along with hard-earned but gently delivered wisdom of her own. Her advice doesn’t seem like the typical “do this, do that,” because Anne’s approach is subtle and full of insight. I sense her deep respect both for where I am — now — and where I have the potential to be. That allows me to “be here now” but also to dream big. —Claire Elizabeth Cameron, PhD

Thank you, Anne. I am having more fun. Receiving your guidance has been great! I so appreciate your help. —RB

When I wrote my book, I knew I wanted to grow the audience for my ideas as well as for my international expert coaching and consulting business. Anne Carley helped me focus on the readers I wanted to reach, and encouraged me to include the rich details – like vignettes, sights and smells, and cultural context. Now that I’m receiving feedback from readers, I can see how effective Anne’s coaching has been, giving my book the impact that I intended. —Bruce R. Dorey, author, LIFT: The Nature and Craft of Expert Coaching

Anne will get you where you need to go, and she does it with the utmost care, concern, and a supportive smile. FF

If you’re an aspiring or published author with a manuscript languishing on the back burner, like I was, Anne Carley is your go-to. She will light a fire under you and come up with realistic deadlines and a workflow that is organized and doable. She knows how to “chunk” a project down into pieces that make it work and help you overcome procrastination. Once you get rolling, your progress will be palpable and you’ll discover you really do have time to get it all done.  —Bobbie Jo Lieberman, author, Sassy Salad Secrets

Creative Coaching – 60 Minutes

Ten 60-minute sessions $2,100 US

Five 60-minute sessions $1,120 US

Creative Coaching – 30 Minutes

Ten 30-minute sessions $1,060 US

Five 30-minute sessions $600 US

Pay securely with a credit card.

Learn how my 90 Day Express and Line Editing services can support you.


Our coaching sessions are confidential. I will not tell people we are working together without your explicit permission, nor will I ever share the content of our conversations with others.

From time to time, I may occasionally refer to anecdotes and stories from past clients if they can be useful to the present situation. Rest assured that key details are altered and individuals are anonymized so that recognizing actual people and/or their issues would be impossible. Names remain confidential and are always protected for privacy.

Line Editing

I offer Editing Services to my coaching clients in prepaid bundles of 10 and 15 hours. 10 hours for $700; 15 hours for $1,000, and hourly at $80 per hour.

I offer my coaching clients prompt, sensitive line editing services for your book manuscripts, articles, essays, presentations, and other written work. By “line editing” (some call it content editing) I mean the substantive editing work that falls between high-altitude preliminary developmental editing and the detailed late-stage work of copyediting and final proofreading. While line editing encompasses some organizational and structural work, it focuses on word choice, paragraph strength, momentum, message, and cohesiveness.

Because of our coaching relationship, I share your creative purpose, and I can sustain your style and voice consistently throughout your work.

I’ll query you as needed, and we’ll work together toward the result you need and want. When I’ve done my job, your work will represent you, in your voice, focused on your message. Your writing will shine!

Anne Carley helps with flow, word choice, sentence structure, and all the elements that one expects from a good editor. But the magic happens with Anne’s ability to stand with her client’s heartfelt story and connect with that vision at a deep level, while simultaneously imagining how to invite future readers to engage with it as well. —Jeanne Schlesinger

I have to thank Anne for her dedication to editing and taking me to task to fill in the gaps so that uninitiated readers can keep up. —Zack Bonnie, author, the Dead, Insane, or in Jail memoir series

Anne is a fast, skilled editor and will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed. I can’t recommend her enough! —Bobbie Jo Lieberman, author, Sassy Salad Secrets

Many, many thanks for the careful reading, the line edits and all the notes. I appreciate the time and diplomacy this work requires. —ML

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