Summer News from Anne Carley Creative

New Creativity Videos

A new product that I contributed to may be of interest to you and those you know. The Great Creativity Toolkit is a big bundle of more than 50 video lessons from more than 40 creativity coaches worldwide. Covering topics from motivation to organization, from the visual arts to the performing arts, and from the personal creative process to the marketplace, these coaches have shared generously.

I’m glad to say that I made three of those videos! As a coach who trained with Eric Maisel, I was invited to be a part of this international effort, which Eric is hosting on the Teachable platform.

The Great Creativity Toolkit promotional image

Use this link to get lifetime access to creativity coaching. (Money-back guarantee too.)


What You Can Learn from Me

Here’s a quick look at what I cover during my three video lessons in The Great Creativity Toolkit:

Dealing with Self-Censorship

We look at self-censorship – what it is, the variety of reasons we may impose it on our creative work, and how to query the self-censor when we’re doing it. We consider some questions that help us decide how to respond to it. Before we wrap up, we investigate why numbing out is the self-censorship power tool – and how to unplug it.

Working with Negative Self-Talk

I like to entertain the possibility that inner voices, even those that seem unhelpful, may have a useful message for us. Rather than trying to ignore the negative self-talk, maybe we can respond to its messages. Maybe we can deepen our creative work by paying attention to our negative self-talk. And maybe it will come back a little more gently, next time. (This lesson includes a fun spoken-word piece made with the help of four creative friends.)

When Projects Shift, Morph, and Change

Whether you have benefited from extra time, or feel like your creative life has been hijacked, we’ve all faced the necessity of changing how we do things. What will be different about your creative practice, when we reach the end of the pandemic? (I wrote a “making of” blog about this one for my writer group.)

The Great Creativity Toolkit

Many other creativity coaches have contributed their experience and wisdom to this collection, on topics appropriate for all kinds of creative people. If you think the Toolkit sounds interesting, for you or those you know, give it a try! You get lifetime access to the entire Toolkit. There’s a 30-day full guarantee. My video modules each come with a downloadable PDF as well. And owners of the Toolkit are also entitled to a free half-hour zoom call with me, to talk about their creative work and life.
Here’s the link to the Toolkit again. When you use this link to purchase, you benefit me – at no additional cost to the buyer. Thanks in advance for sharing this link.

Journaling for Coaches and Therapists

In my other news, it’s not too late to get your copy of Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients: A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing. (You can peek at my chapter as part of the “Look Inside” preview of the Kindle version on Amazon.) I’ve been slowly reading through my paperback copy, savoring the chapters.
As one reviewer puts it, “You could spend thousands of dollars at conferences developing new skills and not get the value you will receive from this wonderful book.”
Book cover of Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients

This summer, the book’s publisher, Routledge, has extended its 20% off discount (a better price than the big place), so I’ve linked the book cover image to Routledge.

Get an in-depth look at the many benefits of journaling for coaches, therapists, and clients, along with a variety of journaling exercises and prompts to try:

  • The Logic of Journaling (that’s where my chapter is)
  • Using Journaling With Clients
  • Journaling for Mental Health and Wellness
  • Journaling for Growth and Healing
  • Spiritual and Nature Journaling
  • Journaling and Creativity
  • Journaling With Groups and Leaders
  • Techniques and Applications


The transition from Chenille Books to Anne Carley Creative is on schedule for a September launch of the new website. This will coincide with my refreshed focus on creative coaching with writers. Sometimes, we expand that process to include editing their work. I’m excited to be working with a number of clients who’ll be launching their new books this fall and winter. Lots going on! I’ll keep you posted, and I‘ll get back with you when the transition to Anne Carley Creative is complete. Meanwhile, I hope one or both of these offerings will be helpful for you or those you know.
Be well