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Do you crave clarity? Need to refresh the energy around your writing? Is it time to reimagine your mission, now that you’re writing more seriously?

Let’s connect. I’m the author of FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, and a coach and guide for writers and other creatives. Learn more about my coaching and other services here or schedule your free Welcome Call now.


Together we’ll bring your vision to life.

“I’ve always been interested in the power of words. I love the moments when two minds meet in the space between us. A problem discovers its solution – a knot unravels itself with grace – eyes light up with enthusiasm and inspiration. I specialize in working as a creative coach with my favorite clients: writers.”

Learn more about my coaching and other services here or schedule your free Welcome Call now.


A journaler since childhood, I got started in publishing with my high school’s daily newspaper. Since then, I’ve written in print and online magazines, blogs, books, and elsewhere, on topics around the arts, creativity, journaling, intellectual property law and policy, and more.

My handbook, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, is a gentle, stepwise invitation to mindful problem-solving and brainstorming. Your own wisdom gains the space and support to speak up and be heard. Use FLOAT to draw on your own hidden resources and find your way again. Including more than 80 tools, extensive introductory materials, inspiration from published authors, and multiple indexes for easy reference, the book also connects purchasers to a downloadable toolkit including online audio guides and resources.

“If you are a writer or want to write, you need this little volume on your desk. Period. You should read about one tool before you sit down to write. Every day.”

With FLOAT on your shelf, it’s like having a coach handy for when you feel the need of a boost or a new perspective.

“The gentle, wise guidance offered to readers is not only helpful, it is a delight to read.”


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